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Our Services

Oliverland Consulting excels in delivering a comprehensive range of professional services, strategically guiding your business to new global heights. Our team of professionals tailors solutions that seamlessly address every aspect of your export journey, ensuring international success. We eagerly anticipate learning about your export sales project. Contact us today!


Empower your export initiatives with our advanced prospection services, utilizing state-of-the-art digital tools for comprehensive market analysis. Strategically identify potential target clients, optimizing your chances of success in global ventures. Elevate your trade game with our tailored approach to ensure a competitive edge in the international market.


Unlock precision in your marketing strategy with customized analysis reports, meticulously designed for your company and industry. Our insights, derived from thorough analysis, strategically enhance and optimize your overall export sales performance, ensuring a tailored approach for sustainable success in the global market.


We provide extensive assistance in orchestrating a triumphant export trade fair, covering pre-event, on-site, and post-event promotion. Our services span booth planning, promotional activities, booth animation, and event organization, all aimed at enhancing your visibility during the trade fair, thereby increasing your business opportunities.


Specialized in adeptly resolving commercial conflicts with overseas clients, be it payment, shipment, or quality disputes. Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining strong customer relations during negotiations, our objective is to efficiently assist in issue resolution while preserving positive and enduring business relationships.

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